Day Out at Coombe

So on Tuesday 29th December myself, my mum, Chloe and Lola all took our dog Macee out to Coombe Abbey Park.

We had a lovely walk around the park despite the cold air. It was just nice to get some fresh air as over Christmas we have been inside a lot.

Lola 12458948_10154596165334762_649445521_odecided to take her new Frozen Scooter, which she is amazing at it! She was going up and down all the paths as fast as she could!

I was so proud and also happy she loves her scooter!

She loves being out and about, she is a very practical child who also loves exploring.

My Mum being the nutter she is constantly ran around the park chasing Lola on her scooter. Which Lola Loves!







Chloe, my eldest daughter came out with us too. She is sixteen so my two children are thirteen years apart!

Her and Lola are absolute nutters too, as you can see in the photo on the bottom right, shaking their bums.



We love having family days out and every time we do I will make sure to update you!


Lisa x


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